Sarasota Golf courses are among the best in the state!

We appreciate that some of our guests participate in the sport of golf and what better location to do it than Florida. There is nothing better for a golf enthusiast to get a few rounds in while enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine. Golf is an ideal way to spend the afternoon or morning if you want to get some fresh air and exercise. Below are some of the local Sarasota golf courses which you may want to visit on your trip.

enjoy the Sarasota golf courses in the sunshine


Bobby Jones Golf Club:
The Groves Golf Course

3400 Longmeadow

Sarasota, FL


Serenoa Golf Course

6773 Serenoa Drive

Sarasota, FL 34241


Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club

8801 Stoneybrook Boulevard

Sarasota, FL 34238

Laurel Oak Country Club

2700 Gary Player Boulevard

Sarasota, FL 34240