Prepare For Your Trip

If you’ve never been to a Florida rental home before, you may be tempted to pack too much!
You don’t need loads of clothes as most people in Florida dress ‘casual’. This means shorts or a thin skirt and T-shirts during the day in summer and perhaps some trousers and a sweater or cardigan for the evening in spring, autumn/fall or winter.
Your rental home will have a large washer and dryer available for your use. The wash cycle is much shorter than in UK washers so you can have things washed and dried within a short time.
Leave some space in your suitcase as you’ll probably want to buy clothes which are cheaper in USA such as jeans, T-shirts, etc. You won’t want to have to buy another suitcase to get them back home in!

The one thing you will want to pack is at least one pair of comfortable shoes! If you’re visiting the theme parks, you’ll do a lot of walking (you won’t notice as it’s so interesting) and comfortable shoes are essential. If you find trainers comfortable, these would be ideal.

Don’t take food as you will sign a Customs declaration that you don’t have any with you when you enter Florida. Almost all foods available in UK are also available in Florida and you will find a huge selection at the supermarket.
You’ll need personal items, shampoo, sun tan lotion, etc as these are not supplied but you don’t need to take loo paper as at least an initial roll is supplied and UK ‘thick and fluffy’ toilet paper is not good for American plumbing, which is half the size of that in the UK.
So, don’t pack the kitchen sink (there’s one provided for you!) in your suitcase and, if you’ve any doubts about whether something is supplied already or not, just ask !

Don’t forget your essentials and make sure these are in your hand luggage – any medication you are taking and a written note of what this is (your GP’s repeat prescription request form is ideal if you have these), your passport (which should have 6 months to run after your return), your airline tickets, your car rental vouchers, your travel insurance policy (make a photocopy of this and leave the photocopy at home), travelers’ cheques (make these the US$ type and it’s useful if at least two of you have a supply in case of emergencies), your credit cards (almost everywhere accepts these) and your driving directions to your Florida home or where you will pick up your home keys.
Last of all, remember to have a great time in your Florida rental home!

Tips For Your Trip

There are lots of places with internet access now so remember to make a note of any people you may want to email – you could always send virtual postcards from Innoventions in Epcot.
Pack any tablets you may need and many people like to take aspirin about a week before they travel, this helps prevent DVT – check with your Doctor if you can take this with any other medication you may be on. Buy some bottled water at the airport to take on the plane to ensure that you stay nice and hydrated for those gaps when either the airline staff are busy.
Ensure one of your hand luggage is a small back-pack, essential to carry bits and pieces when you are in the parks. Unfortunately, Dad always ends up carrying this.

Pack Beach Shoes – those rubber-soled stretchy shoes for the water parks –the ground can get very hot and this stop you getting any nasty foot infections that may be lurking! These can often be bought in UK at very cheap sale prices at the end of the summer ready for next year.

If you wear contact lenses – make sure you bring a spare set and your glasses.

Hats – straw, baseball whatever…something to keep the sun off.

Insect repellant – if you do suffer with bites, this will help but it is useful to also have some anti-histamine tablets and cream with you.
In the cooler months (ie September to April) – pack some warm clothes for the evening, it can get chilly.

Lip Stuff – like Blistex or Chapstick – with sunscreen!

Travel Insurance documents, in the event you do unfortunately fall ill, you will need to produce these.

Sensible shoes — Comfy, well-broken in shoes are essential. This isn’t the time to try a new pair of shoes. If you must get new shoes for your trip, be sure to break them in well before you depart for Florida.

Sunglasses – even for the kids –the sun in Florida is very strong

Tickets and airline numbers – always best to check with your airline a couple of days before returning home that your flight is still at the allotted time

You can buy pretty much everything in America but planning ahead always helps.